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Samsung has unveiled its latest TV technology Smart (intelligent television). The new systems allow you to access different content and applications easily through the brand new devices.
The new television concept that aims to develop the Korean brand this year is based on three pillars: Smart Hub, Experiences and Smart Smart Connections. Or what is the same, more content, better quality and capacity of interconnection between devices.
Smart Hub is the platform for access to all content and applications from Samsung that also provides various tools for ease of use. It has a web browser to stroll through the web while watching television, a content recommendation system that is guided by personal preferences and recommendations of others, an application store with over 300 apps and Social TV a system to share content, chat, comment, ... while watching television. Movies Samsung also includes a kind of online video to any media (television, smartphone, tablet or laptop).
For its part, Smart Experiences are based on television viewing as a unique experience, says the brand. The new design concept of the brand, One Design, aims to achieve a harmony between the exterior design of the devices and the viewing quality by technology.

Connecting devices
Finally, Smart Connections to interconnect the various devices of the trademark to "share content, thereby enhancing the user experience," explained from Samsung. For example, Second TV is a new application that follows this line. Can convert mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone, a remote control and a second TV that offers the possibility of viewing the same channel or different from what is being viewed on your main TV.

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